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I was responsible for all the character animation most of the rigging and some of the lighting. BREAKDOWN 1. Chopper: Character animation (for Study) Rigging – updated rig to work in new version of software Lighting – I was assisted by James Neale of 2.Little Snowflake Character animation for Super Simple Songs (Fuzz Animation) […]

Bridgestone Spring Sale

Bridgestone Spring Sale 2011

Studio: Red Cartel Client: Bridgestone Responsibilities: Animation Directed by James Neale

Life Happens

Life Happens

I made another flipbook animation. Animated with Blender Printed by LuLu Music: Scattered Black & Whites Elbow

Red Deer

Benjamin’s Brother

Studio: Black Board Studios Client: Benjamin’s Brother Responsibilities:┬áRigging Directed by Too Short For Modeling. I rigged the deer.

Bridgestone Monster Sale

Bridgestone Monster Sale 2010

Studio: Red Cartel Client: Bridgestone Responsibilities: Animation Directed by James Neale



This is an animation test I did while at iAnimate. Thank you to James and Kim Neale @ for their assistance with the lighting and rendering. Audio is from the film Chopper The character is an updated version of the BBB rig. Responsibilities: Animation, Rigging, Lighting

Elevator Loop

Elevator Pace (Loop)

I polished and rendered my pace shot from iAnimate, and then re-rendered it after doing the lighting course. Turn looping on and watch the endless disappointment. Rigged, animated and rendered in Blender.

Bik Loop

Bik Wall Flip (Looped)

This is the final version of one of my assignments from Press play and it will loop. Responsibilities: Animation and lighting Rig: Kiopaa

Silent Night

Silent Night

Studio: Fuzz Studio Client: Sarah MacIntosh Responsibilities: Animation and Rigging Directed by Nathan Dillow Most of the character animation was done by me. Additional animation was done by Nathan Dillow. All the rigging was done by me.



This was my final assignment at iAnimate. Big thanks to my instructor Ted Ty. Animated and rendered in Maya Composited in Blender.

CGCookie - Rivet Weight Lift

CGCookie – Rivet Weight ift

This was one of the shots I animated for the ‘Animation Workflow & Body Mechanics Course’ over at Ouch! Rigged and animated by me in Blender.Lighting and Rendering by Kent Trammell